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All Kits are sculpted and cast by Wayne 'The Dane' Hansen

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"Son of Crom" 

stands 13 1/2 inches tall and looks like a "Conan the Barbarian" character. 

The kit is priced at $ 120.00 US and $ 10.00 S&H  in the US.  

Non US customers should contact us for shipping options.

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"Bust of Frank", a tribute to Boris Karloff as "The Monster". The bust is a three-piece resin kit with detached outstretched right arm and stone base. Bust is 1/6th scale (5 1/2 inches high).

Bust of Frank-$40.00+$9.95 S&H







"Good Evening" says a smiling caped figure from a cobweb strewn castle staircase. Thus was born one of the greatest monster roles ever created by European actor, Bela Lugosi. 

The Dane has captured Bela's incredible "Svengali" stare! This resin kit requires no assembly and only minor clean up. 

"Bust Of Bela" 1 piece solid unpainted resin kit costs $43.00.

US customers please add $7.00 S&H. Canadian customers please add $9.95 S&H





Resin Accessory Lab 20 pieces, resin, 1/12th scale (the scale of the Polar Lights TM Bride Of Frankenstein polystyrene kit). Make your Polar Lights TM "Bride Of Frankenstein" TM kit movie accurate with this resin Expansion kit!

This pressure cast resin Lab accessory kit includes 2 stone lab floors strewn with body parts, 3 back stone walls (with window, electric switches, stairway), a lab table gantry wheel, a stone staircase with 3 large electric towers, an optional gowned bride body AND BOTH MAD DOCTORS AND THE MONSTER! Expansion kit can be RETROFITTED to existing pre-built Polar Lights Bride kits! The likenesses and detail are amazing!

"Bride Lab Accessory Lab" resin kit costs $98.95

US customers add $9.95 S&H   Canadian customers add $11.95 U.S.Dollars


Corman's "Raven" Star 1/3rd scale pressure cast resin model kit

This is a solid pressure cast original resin kit, not any recast. Kit's theme is bust formatted. Vincent Price in Chinese Silver Flower Embroidered jacket with Poe's Poem Logo on a Cauldron base crawling with spiders, bats, dead father in coffin, eyeballs, spider webs, dead man's hair and entrails of troubled horse! The likeness and detail are amazing!

Photos show assembled primed kit. Box art, hand signed & numbered Price print created especially for this model release by the sculptor. Assembly and painting required.

“Vincent Price Bust “ $80.00

US bidders add $9.95 S&H (insured) in USA. Canadian bidders add $13.95 U.S. Dollars




SLEEPY HOLLOW Resin Replacement Heads 

"The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" is the 1700's version of an "urban legend". When POLAR LIGHTS TM released a styrene model kit, Sleepy Hollow, The Headless Horseman", The Dane's Garage kit accessory consciousness naturally came up with a film-accuratized accessory kit. Thus the "SLEEPY HOLLOW REPLACEMENT HEADS" Resin kit was born.

Actor Chris Walken in his savage Hessian likeness and the Town Burger victim to replace the kit’s stock Tim Burton victim head are included in this pressure-cast original model kit. Resin parts fit snugly with little prep work.

Make your Polar Lights TM "Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman" TM kit movie accurate with these 2 resin replacement add-on heads!

Sleepy Hollow Resin replacement heads include 2 pressure-cast resin heads. Likeness of the Hessian (Walken) head complete with pointed teeth! Also included is an accurate movie-likeness victim head of the Town Burger of Sleepy Hollow to replace the Tim Burton head. Both heads easily retro-fit into already assembled built kits. The detail is amazing!  

SLEEPY HOLLOW Resin Replacement Heads $12.00

US customers add $7.00 S&H Canadian customers add $8.95 U.S.Dollars.

Modeling Tip: Leave out the gory neck stump insert part on Hessian’s body to install Chris Walken Hessian head.



Creature Vs. Giant Anaconda 

NEW! "DEATH GRIP" Creature Versus Anaconda 1/6th scale resin model kit

This is a solid pressure cast original resin kit, not any recast. Kit's theme is a bust formatted water battle in the Amazon waters between a Devonian GILLMAN and a giant ANACONDA. Each monster has a DEATH GRIP on the other. The likeness and detail are amazing! See auction photos! Photos show Assembled sculpture. Resin Kit is MIB. Assembly and painting required.  

Death Grip $125.00

US customers add $9.95 S&H Canadian customers add $13.95 U.S.Dollars


                             New Dane Sculpt for CD Productions


a 1/4th size scale resin figure bust

Price is $110 + $12 S&H

Contact: cdunton@thetarmac.com

Award-winning paint & assembly by Ron....aka Ratman

This 7th Son Moldel built & painted by award winning kit builder for hire:
Ron Sherwood

rons@silverhammer.com (AKA Ratman)



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