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1/6th scale sculpt, distributed by Resin Realities, formerly Resin Realities Toys.

A 1/6th scale bust with full arms and hands that are poseable at the shoulder kit joints.

Modelers' get to choose the arm pose they like! Routed base with water detailing.

Price to be announced. Will have kits of this bust at Chiller show end of this April.
Contact resinrealities@netzero.net



FALL 2004 kit release

“Peloquin” sculpted by THE DANE and distributed by Resin Realities.

Shown is the 1/4th scale nearly completed sculpture of “THE BEAST” from MIDIAN”!

This Bust version of kit will be solid resin with about 10 separate dreadlocks on a highly detailed base that shows doors, stairwells,  walls of “Breed” skulls and the hieroglyphic of Peloquin’s legendary bite on Boone, to create the Cabal Monster.

E-Mail Resin Realities at resinrealities@netzero.net for details. 

Write Resin Realities at:

Resin Realities
Vancott Finance Station
P.O. Box 670897
Bronx, NY 10467-0897
or call (718) 881-1244 (call between 9:00AM and 9:00PM EST)
Resin Realities Catalog $3.00 each
Resin Realities's website:  Resin Realities Toys

Night Breed fans can e-mail either  or Wayne to submit your requests for which “Breeders” you would like to see us add to this bust series. 


Check our “BERSERKER” 1/9th scale kit. 

The "Berserker", one Midian's "super beasts" that is locked in the lower dungeon, is always out of control! 

The kit is 1/9th scale and shown bursting through the cemetary earth surrounded by upheved tombstones and coffins.

Available at Resin Realities's website Resin Realities Toys. 





In addition to the Berserker kit from Midian shown above, Wayne, Mark Vantine & Resin Realities have a new Aurora scale two figure kit, “FRIENDS”. 

James Wales’ 1930's classic,
“The Bride Of Frankenstein” inspired this resin kit shown to the left.

Sculpted by Wayne “The Dane” and Mark “Manthing” Vantine and distributed by Resin Realities. 

This kit depicts the heart warming scene between “The MONSTER” and an Old Blind Hermit just as they have become FRIENDS this kit captures their reaction as the two hunters have entered the
hermit’s cabin.

“FRIEINDS” kit shown was masterfully painted by our own Saul Alverez, who will do professional, award-winning kit painting and customizing .

Just contact Resin Realities to reach Saul Alverez about painting your favorite kit!


WAYNE THE DANE also provides free online support for his sculpting students by offering critiques and technical info for free to anyone who asks!  

Contact Wayne



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